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Mathibedi Leadership Academy was established in 2014 however it was officially registered in 2018. The founder, Mathibedi-wa-Medupe observed that there is a gap within communities concerning the development and diffusion of leadership skills in totality, particularly within the education system.
All stakeholders within the education sector are not entirely provided with the leadership skills which will assist them to excel in their frame of work. In general, the training that is provided to them doesn’t necessarily address issues that will succour them in their respective communities.
There is a thin line between leadership skills and processes and procedures. Mathibedi Leadership Academy is an initiative of overcoming the thin line as much as possible, as well as to focus and address issues, systems, processes, procedures which are mostly over looked as a result of competence and compliance.
Moreover, through a series of sessions (individual or groups), MLA intendsto assist individuals to focus on the inner being, unleash the leadership potential and nurture the talents that each and every individual has. It is then that each individual will RISE (Respect, Integrity, Service and Excellence) from a LEARNER TODAY to a LEADER FOREVER.

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25 October 2018


Mathibedi is goal orientated and has an in-depth knowledge of systems, policies andprocesses within the education sector. He has played an intricate role in thedevelopment of many teachers, learners, students throughout his career, particularly through various provincial & national teaching and learning programs whichincludes KhulaNathi Foundation, iSabelo Learning & ARMSCOR Mathematics &Science Learner Development Program. Moreover, he was involved in theJohannesburg Region ESKOM Expo for young scientists, as a convenor for thechemistry section for five years.

22 December 2018

Medupe harnesses potential

At this academy, we show the pupils the road does not end for them if they are not academic performers. We show them they can work on their stronger skills and develop them.



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